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The Application of Solar Charge Controller

بواسطة Felicity Solar September 25th, 2023 {{عدد}} من المراجعات
The Application of Solar Charge Controller

Solar Controller

Solar controller is an important component in off-grid power system. Also known as solar charge controller, it is an automatic control device used in the solar power generation system to control the multi-channel solar cell array to charge the battery and the battery to supply solar energy.

The most basic function of the solar charge controller is to control the battery voltage and turn on the circuit. When the battery voltage rises to a certain level, the battery charging is stopped. Most PV systems use a controller to prevent overcharging or overdischarging the batteries.

The more popular solar controllers on the market mainly include PMW solar charge controllers and MPPT solar charge controllers.

Solar controllers are also important in solar street lights. Controls the operation of the entire solar street light. From transferring solar energy to battery storage, controlling the time of led lights, dimming and more work.


Classification of solar street light controllers.


  1. Ordinary solar controller

The controller is mainly a chip. As long as this thing is developed and mass-produced, the price will not be very high. The ordinary type cannot be a constant current source. You can't adjust the LED lights to make him work in energy saving, that is, adjust his work efficiency. For example, let him work at 80% power when there is no one. The technology saves a bit. If it is past eleven o'clock in the evening, no one has deliberately set the work efficiency to 50%. Of course, depending on the prosperous situation of setting the time of street lights, this is a more specific analysis of the specific situation.


  1. Intelligent solar controller

This type of controller is more intelligent. It is divided into a boost controller and a step-down controller. It is mainly used in All in one solar street light. This controller has a constant current source installed inside, and the LED light can be adjusted without a driver. To control the street lights from various aspects, it can adjust the light, adjust the time, and also have light control, low voltage, high voltage, lightning protection, and waterproof IP65 grades, but these are all available in addition to dimming and constant current ordinary controllers. The price of the controller is still relatively low in the whole solar street light kit.


The solar street light controller is the brain of the street light. It is because of him that the solar street light can achieve real energy saving.

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